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About us

About us

The Zarrin-Heev Company was first established and became profitable in 1990. This 20 hectares animal husbandry of Nazar-Abad, which is the largest amongst the Middle-Eastern ones, has now gained much experience in single unit Animal husbandry in Asia. Applying advanced technology has enabled us to proudly produce high quality dairy products. At the moment this company with more than 100 personnel and tens of ranchmen and about 10000 healthy cattle aims to achieve the finest standardized quality worldwide. Besides the continuous veterinarian team check-ups, another advantage of Zarrin-Heev is the equipped HSC laboratory used to analyze all the products to meet the best international  requirements. 

We do our best efforts and planning to manage the space and facilities for keeping our ten-thousand-cattle husbandry safe and sound agains all types of threats.
Our goal is to increase the quality and the daily consumption routines of our customers. Zarrin-Heev Co. with the cooperation of well-known dairy companies will keep its promises in order to deliver high quality products to the customers' hands.

Our mission is to fulfill the expectations and requirements of our partners (customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers). This implies profitability and sustainability taking into account quality, the environment, ethics, health and safety as well as security.
• Our customers, suppliers and employees are partners. We maintain long-term, trustful and thus productive relationships.
• It is every employee’s responsibility to maintain the high quality of our products and services.
• Continuous improvement and innovation are our goal. This supports the economic success of our customers and of Heevco Groups .
• We emphasize international and process-oriented teamwork. Respecting cultural differences within our worldwide operations goes without saying. We treat all human beings with dignity and respect - regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality.
• We commit ourselves to adhere to the corresponding and relevant legal rules, regulations, and requirements. This guarantees highest safety for our products and services.
• We see it as our duty to follow ethical principles in all our actions and hence we act appropriate to the given situation.
• We protect our know-how and our trade secrets.
• We commit ourselves to use economic, environmental and social resources carefully and efficiently.
• We are committed to contribute to the reduction of global warming.
• We commit ourselves to the principles of Heevco Group code of conduct.
We are Pioneers, Partners and Performers. This is why Heevco Group is successful – and with us our business partners.

About Heevco

Creation of Heevco Group of Companies was started based on sustainable farming
The fact that at this level of Dairy farming we will not be able to produce Raw milk with such high standard at such high price, and selling it at such low price.
So we figured the only way to sustain will be to work towards our goals.

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